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2013年1月23日 (水)

Cat meets snow


公開日: 2013/01/18          


After being sent home from work the first thing I did on getting home was to check outside the back door to see if there were any cat paw prints. There weren't, so I thought I'd introduce Fletcher to the snow and film the results..

Edit: sent home from work because of the snow in the UK.

Edit 2: I think he's going nuts because he's trying to catch the falling snowflakes, but as soon as they land they disappear so he's on to the next one.

Edit 3: OK, to answer some repeat questions -
- Filmed on my phone, HTC One X
- Looks really smooth because of Youtube's excellent stabiliser function.
- At 1:19 I crouched down, but the stabiliser makes it look strange.
- Sorry for leaving the door open, won't happen again, promise.
- If he went left instead of right you would have seen the garden. Instead he went left so you only got the driveway.
- He wasn't forced to come out and was free to go in at any time. He spent the day playing in the snow with his brother both coming in occasionally to warm their cockles. All is well.

- And Fletcher is not for sale.



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